This datapack adds a whole panel of heads to decorate your world, it allows you to get the heads of mobs, players, and miniaturized blocks.

With a more complete system of advancements, to be able to collect them.

The player’s head is also looted when the player dies

Note : Check the version of the datapack, it may not be compatible between the indicated version and yours

Some Informations

Datapack Version : 1.1
Minecraft Version : 1.19
Author : The_Killeur_999
Datapack Update : 24 January 2023
Wiki Update : 24 January 2023


Version 1.0

+ Added all mob heads in the game and all variants
+ Added all mini blocks heads and all variants
+ Added Easter Eggs
+ Adding /function mcheads:r7 to reset your advancements
+ Adding /trigger mcheads for ingame informations
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Each type of mobs can give a head.

Sometimes you have to do an action with the mob before you can hope to get its head back.

Drop Rate

Classic Collection

Ocean Collection

Nether Collection

End Collection

Villagers Collection

Color Collection


Each block of the game is in miniature version, alternative versions are also available, like round wood, or a different placement

You can find them on sale at a Wandering Trader against 1 diamond and 1 barrel to get a MCHeads LootBox


Mob Head & Advancement Tree ONLY
Mob Head ONLY
Miniblocks & Advancement Tree ONLY
Miniblocks ONLY
Mob Head & Miniblocks ONLY